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New Moisturizing Soy Candles are an All Natural Skin Care Solution

Local Family Business Manufactures Body Envy Candles in Neptune Beach

If you want to look young and beautiful, moisturizing your skin is a must. Moisturizing your skin will help maintain your skin’s natural moisture. Moisturizers work as a protective sealant against the harsh elements in the environment and the daily wear and tear caused by our lifestyle.

In today’s hectic pace many people find maintaining a moisturizing routine difficult. Local resident, Sandy Moody, wanted to provide a product that allowed her customers to slow down, relax and take care of themselves at the same time. After much research, Body Envy candles were born!

Body Envy Candles are specially formulated to be used as a warm lotion for moisturizing dry skin, as well as a massage oil. Body Envy Candles are made with a proprietary blend of high quality, cosmetic‐grade soy, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and body safe fragrance oil. As an added benefit, the candle in its solid state can be used as a body balm.

Body Envy Candles can be used as a warm body moisturizer, or as a soothing treatment for your cuticles, hands, elbows and feet. You can also use the candle as massage oil ‐ perfect for couples massage, or for use by professional therapists. Sandy recommends lighting the candle before you bath or shower so you can enjoy the fragrance. Once out of the bath, use the candle oil to moisturize your skin. The process allows for superior moisturizing benefits and helps you unwind.

Body Envy candles are not made with traditional soy wax but rather with high quality cosmetic grade soy derived from soy bean oil. Soy wax candles are preferred over paraffin wax candles because they do not emit toxins while burning and emit little or no soot. They are also water soluble, biodegradable and are a renewable resource. In addition, soy wax burns 30 to 50% longer than paraffin which means you enjoy your candle longer.